War history.

During the night of 27th-28th February 1943, one of the most important sabotage actions of the 2nd World War took place. Nine Norwegian saboteurs from The Linge Company crossed the deep gorge in front of the heavy water plant at Vemork, near Rjukan in Telemark. The electrolysis equipment in the basement of the plant was to be destroyed because both the Norwegians and the Allies wanted to prevent the occupying Germans from producing the heavy water necessary for the development of an atomic bomb.

If you join a guided tour In The Saboteurs' Footsteps, you’ll hear a lot of exciting history.

Information about the tour and its content

  • The rapid development of Rjukan and its heavy industry as well as a detailed account of the town's war history.
  • The four attempts to stop the production of heavy water.
  • The important connection between Rjukan's industrial and war histories.
  • In addition to learning about history, you will have the opportunity to see Gaustatoppen from a less usual angle.
  • The tour is 8 km. long and takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the weather and the participants' interest.
  • The tour does not go down into the gorge and is therefore suitable for most people.
  • The path is good all the way but good boots or shoes are necessary.
  • Diploma for the children

The Norwegian Industrial Workers' Museum, which is housed in the former power plant (which was the largest in the world when it was built in 1911), is well worth a visit. In the museum you can see the power plant's machine-hall and exhibitions of industrial and war history, as well as the summer exhibition which changes from year to year. You can also see the 30 minutes long film “If Hitler had the bomb”. A visit to the museum is a good way to end the tour. Vemork was after all the Saboteurs' target and you will get the most out of the museum if you visit it while the history of the sabotage is still fresh in your mind. If you are in need of refreshment after your tour, Cafe Vemork offers hot and cold meals and snacks. The museum is open until 18.00 during the summer. N.B. A visit to the museum is not part of the tour, nor is the cost of admission included in the tour price.

I guarantee you an exciting experience in challenging terrain.